harlem eat up!

A Celebration of Food, Culture, and Spirit!

Last weekend, in the one and only Harlem, New York, we learned new cooking techniques and recipes from some of the most talented chefs!

Chef George Duran brought us to Venezuela with his amazing Guasacaca Sauce. The audience couldn’t help but laugh at the unpleasant name of this sauce. With yummy ingredients including avocado, green peppers, onions, cilantro, and parsley, this sauce was the furthest from unappetizing.

Chef Ludo Lefebvre informed us of the French way to keep chicken moist and juicy by placing bread dough over a pan lid to seal in all the flavor!


Marcus Samuelson and Aaron Sanchez, two chefs that are natives of Harlem, took the stage with humor and had the audience laughing non-stop. Aaron Sanchez shared his Hoja Santa Salmon recipe and taught us the importance of rubbing oil on salmon prior to applying spices.

Stroll+Grand+Tasting+Experience+Harlem+EatUp+Hj4lidWEaiKlAnna Bullet and Marvin Woods hit the stage with healthy recipes that are easy and fun to cook with family! They “brought on the healthy” with tacos and salads featuring homemade chemical free dressings! The audience had a lot of interest regarding organic foods. An audience member asked if they should eat and buy more organic foods. Anna Bullet shared that eating strictly organic can be expensive. Therefore, it is only necessary to buy organic when we are eating the flesh of a food. A good example being a peach. Over all, we learned that it is more important to eat locally grown as opposed to organic.

To switch up the flow on the Sub-Zero Wolf Stage, a Harlem Cook- Off took place between Melba’s and Settepani. Judges Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli, Jonelle Procope & Alexander Smalls used their keen taste buds to rate grits cooked by Keith Bryant and white fish cooked by Carlos Swepson. Keith swept the judges away with his extra creamy grits and shrimp, beating Carlos by one point.


Ending an amazing day full of delicious recipes, Karl Franz Williams shared some of his favorite, refreshing and tasty cocktails. Scott Conant, from Food Networks “Chopped” also helped close the stage with his infamous homemade red Stroll+Grand+Tasting+Experience+Harlem+EatUp+XJc73PbR_eplsauce and gnocchi! And just in case you were wondering, he does not add sugar to his sauce!

For a change in scenery we took a stroll through The Stroll. The Stroll featured three tents influenced by the art, music, dance, and style of Harlem. Chefs and restaurants shared their signature bites along with a selection of wines, beers, and spirited drinks. While satisfying our taste buds, we viewed amazing showcases from various artists. The Stroll truly hit all of our senses, an experience you definitely did not want to miss!

The first annual Harlem Eat Up! was a success to say the least! The location of this festival was definitely a result of its triumph. No other place in the world has a rhythm and sense of community like Harlem. Just like former president Bill Clinton stated when he took the stage, Harlem is one of America’s truly unique homes. 


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