travel tuesday: COLORADO


∇ Red Rock, Colorado

For travelers that savor the journey one bite at a time, Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa is a food lover’s paradise.  With tantalizing adventures for both the palate and the spirit–it’s where mouthwatering cuisine rivals the unsurpassed scenery.  Focusing on the rich flavors of the Colorado plateau, the cuisine highlights locally sourced produce from regional farms and local cattle ranchers. The Entrada restaurant is the all around gathering place for food lovers.  From small plates to satisfying entrees, the not-to-be-missed dishes are the Coffee Adobo Colorado Lamb, Jurassic Shrimp & Grits and the Paella Mixta.  But, don’t even think about leaving before you try there house-made hot sauce and the regions delicacy of prickly pear cactus.


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