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July 4th Layered Drinks

Layered Drinks July Fourth Edition 034 (2)wm

These layered drinks are a fun and easy addition any picnic you are attending or hosting for the Fourth of July holiday this weekend. They are non-alcoholic and kid-friendly, but you can most certainly add alcohol for an adult party!


  • 1 Cup Red CranApple juice
  • 1 Cup White Sobe Pina Colada flavored drink
  • 1 Cup Blue G2 Gatorade
  • Ice


  1. Fill your glass 1/3 of the way full with CranApple juice.
  2. Fill to the top with ice.
  3. Slowly pour the remaining drinks directly on top of a piece of ice.


  • You MUST pour SLOWLY, DIRECTLY over ice 🙂

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