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Years after falling in love with “Brenda Jenkins” from the NBC’s sitcom “227,” Regina King is still the girl everybody wants to hang around. She is relevant, sassy, witty, independent and always our favorite “girl next door.” Beyond, the personal connection with her admirers, Regina has distinguished herself as a prominent actress in Hollywood. From television roles on TNT’s Southland and ABC’s American Crime to films such as Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, Ray, Jerry McGuire, to How Stella Got Her Groove Back, she has consistently proven her dynamic range, bouncing effortlessly from dramatic material to comedic performances. Most recently, Regina stepped behind the camera to lend her talents to yet another career–directing. With skill, Regina has directed several episodes of the hugely successful shows Scandal and Being Mary Jane. Her feature film directorial debut, Let The Church Say Amen is scheduled to air later this month on BET. Despite her fame, Regina continues to be grounded, beautiful and simply a delightful human being.

Finish this sentence…”my relationship with food is…”

Regina: A love affair

What’s the last thing you ate?

Regina:  If you’re asking in the literal sense…watermelon. Meal…salad with cumin-roasted carrots

Name 3 things you can’t live without:  food or otherwise.

Regina:  Sugar lip moisture, Tequila, Arugula

What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

Regina:  It’s a tie between my Kitchen-Aid mixer and small sauté pan

What’s one thing that’s always in your fridge?

Regina:  Ghee

Are you an apron girl?

Regina:  No

Where’d you learn to cook?

Regina:  Grandmother

If there was a cooking battle today between you and your grandmother, who would win?

Regina:  Grandma!

What foods do you refuse to share?

Regina:  I like to share, so I’d say none.

Living or Dead, who would you love to share a meal with? 

Regina:  Ina Garten

Last tweet was…

Regina:  A tweet to the other actresses who were also nominated for an Emmy in the same category.

We’ve seen your guns and gorgeous legs. Tell me about your exercise routine?

Regina:  I try to just change things up as often as possible. But the two things I do several times a week are hiking my dog and Cardio-Barre.

From acting to directing and producing, what drew you to working behind the camera?

Regina:  I love to learn. And, the best way for me is learning while doing. I’ve picked up so much information in my 30 years as an actress. It was time to employ those skills.

Is it difficult to go from acting on American Crime to directing episodes of Scandal & Being Mary Jane? 

Regina:  It’s a well welcomed adjustment. Directing sharpens my acting skills and vice versa.

Recently, I visited the Middle East and found the culture fascinating.  What’s it like playing a Muslim woman on American Crime?

Regina:  It’s great to have the opportunity to play someone we don’t get to see on prime time.

Tell me about your role with the BET original movie “Let the Church Say Amen,” and what’s it about.

Regina:  I directed the film.  It’s a story about the Jackson Family. A father/pastor who has devoted his life to his parish. His family has suffered because of it. We meet the Jacksons when all their life choices are coming to a head. Starring Naturi Naughton, Hosea Chanchez, Steve Harris, Collins Pennie and Lela Rochon.

What is the best thing about being Regina King?

Regina:  Being Ian’s Mom

Me and Regina King


“Let the Church Say Amen” premieres on BET, August 29th at 8P/7C



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