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Turkey- Cranberry Tortilla Bites 




  • 1 soft tortilla
  • small amount cranberry sauce or jam
  • 2-3 large lettuce leaves
  • pulled turkey or deli meat slices (enough for a layer on the tortilla)
  • kid-safe toothpicks
  • box of raisins (optional)
  • animal crackers (optional)


  1. Lay the tortilla flat, then spread a thin layer of cranberry sauce over the whole surface. Top with one layer of lettuce leaves, then top with small pieces of pulled turkey or deli meat slices. The trick is to spread all the ingredients evenly, rather than pile them into the middle like in a traditional wrap sandwich.
  2. Roll tightly, then cut into one- or two-bite pieces, holding each piece closed with a kid-safe toothpick.
  3. Variation: For kids who are vegetarians, use humus (spread thickly) and thin slices of peppers, cucumber, and lettuce instead of the turkey or deli meat.

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