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Crete, Greece

Fennel_pie_slideshowIn Greece, eating out and sharing a meal with family and friends is as important as food itself. Part ambiance, part attitude, part great produce, dining out Greek-style is a highlight for many travelers. Meals are a drawn-out, casual and convivial affair and the atmosphere at times almost festive, with families out until late. While there’s no lack of fancy restaurants in exquisite seaside settings or vistas of ancient temples, some of the best and most authentic food is found inside humble downtown taverns and no-frills places a block away from that killer view. Dining out in Greece is never just about what you eat, but the whole sensory experience. Portes Restaurant is the best Chania restaurant. The restaurant was filled with locals that make it feel like you are at a dinner party instead of a restaurant. Portes has a cozy, comforting feeling, and the food tastes like home-cooking. The must try plate is the fennel pie.


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