Tia Mowry

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Have you always wanted a cooking show? 

Tia: Not really, but I love to cook. I grew up cooking—it’s a way that I can relax and ease my mind. I have always been intrigued with cooking shows. I am a big fan of the Food Network.

Now you have your own show on the Food Network: “At Home with Tia Mowry,” How did that come about?

Tia: After becoming a mom, I talked with other moms about food and their desire to cook healthy meals for their families with busy schedules.  With my show I wanted to give practicality and encourage families to get back into the kitchen.  I wanted moms to know if I could do it, they could too.  So, I gave it a shot.

On the show your husband Cory makes guest appearances, you’ve even had cook-offs. Who does most of the cooking at home you or Cory?

Tia: Me! Cory sneaks into the kitchen and throws in his ideas and ingredients like you see on the show, but I remind him that the kitchen is my domain.

Can Cory really cook or is he just fooling around?

Tia: No, he can really cook. He doesn’t cook often, but it’s not because he doesn’t want to,  I just really, really love to cook.

Are you hosting Christmas dinner?

Tia: Yes, we are. It brings me joy when family and friends come together and are really having a great time.  We just moved into a new house so I have to make sure we have enough tables for everyone.

What’s on your menu?

Tia: Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and I make a really awesome spiced Bundt cake.

Does your son, Cree help you in the kitchen?

Tia: Oh My Gosh, Cree is always in the kitchen! He’s four and loves to cook with me. It’s so adorable when he starts doing his own little experiments. He says, “Look Mommy I’m making food.” He even started washing dishes!

 Is Cree a good eater?

Tia: Oh yes, I am very blessed to have a child who’s a good eater. I started him really young eating fruits and vegetables so I’ve never had to force him to eat anything. I also think it helps that I involve him in the kitchen.  He’s intrigued and it’s becomes a project.

Give me a simple dish that’s delicious.

Tia: Chicken in a Dutch oven marinated it white wine, chicken broth, onion, lemon juice, thyme with olives—delicious!

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool?

Tia: Yes, three! I love the Chef’s knife, bread knife and the food processor.  I love to chop, it calms my nerves and I can get into my Zen place. I use the food processor for everything including deserts and condiments, it’s so versatile.

Tell me about Twintuition?

Tia: It is basically about a dream that my sister and I had. We both woke up in the middle of the night one of us started the dream and the other finished the same dream.  I truly believe twins have some sort of telepathy power. This book solves a mystery that takes place in high school. One of the twins sees all of the good things while the other sees all of the bad things that happen.  It is a very magical mysterious book, specifically for teens. 

What’s next on your plate?

Tia: I have a cookbook coming out next year that is called a “Whole New You.”  It’s a detox book with healthy recipes.  It eliminates sugars and white flowers which reduces inflammation.  I was on this diet for a year and was able to get pregnant right away. I want to help other moms who struggle with the same issues.

Tell me about your show “Instant Mom.”

Tia: Instant Mom focuses on the positive sides of a blended family that work. There are challenges but you get through them.  It’s on TV Land and airs on December 19th.

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