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Jorge Cruise jpegI love the name Tiny and Full.  It’s simple, brilliant and a great way to kick off the New Year.  So, what is the secret to being tiny and full?

Jorge: The secret is knowing how to get the least amount of calories for the most amount of food.

And, how do you accomplish that?

Jorge: By eating a vegan only breakfast.  Include more plant-based meals for lunch and dinner, but also have grilled chicken, fish or a lean cut of meat.  Meat is high in vitamin D 12 which has all the things we need.  This approach is really a flexitarian kind of way of eating plants.

Give me an example of a typical vegan breakfast.

Jorge:  I’m a big fan of oatmeal in the morning.  A half a cup of oatmeal with one full cup of fruit such as strawberries is very filling and only about 200 calories.

Why is having a vegan diet in the morning so important?

Jorge: We really want to use the mornings as a vegan detox and get all the healthy elements such as protein in so you already set yourself up to win early in the day plus you’re less likely to slip up at lunch or dinner and have a bag of chips.

Is having a vegan only diet healthy?

Jorge: Eating whole plants is really the way you can eat more food with less calories.  Having a vegan diet fits more plant-based meals because it’s the least amount of calories. Plants give you high-fiber and vitamins with a water rich constant giving you vitality and energy without feeling hungry.  The problem with vegan diets is it’s hard for you to get enough protein, unless you eat 2-3 cups of quinoa or tofu a day. It’s hard to be vegan long term.

Where does exercise fit into staying Tiny and Full?

Jorge:  Well, you can’t out train a bad diet.  You can go to the gym for 8 hours on Saturday, but you can’t make up for a bad week.  It really starts in the kitchen.  As far as exercise, I tell people to sit less during the day, move more and train with higher intensity intervals to increase the fat burning process.

Are activity trackers really helpful?

Jorge: One of my favorite products on the market is the Apple Watch. It monitors the 3 things that I think matter the most—standing, walking and monitoring your heart rate.

Do you have cheat days?

Jorge: Yes, I love pizza!  That’s what’s great about this book.  It has all foods from a chicken bacon mozzarella pizza that’s less than 400 calories to a roasted zucchini lasagna so it’s not like your cheating but more like being spoiled rotten.

Tell me about your pea protein.

Jorge:  I’ve developed a pea protein that is chocolate and vanilla which doesn’t give you any bloating because it’s fermented.  You can put the protein in water or even make a shake.  I usually have an 8 ounce cold glass of water with pea protein in the morning.

In 5 words or less, tell me why people should buy your book.

Jorge: To feel Tiny and Full.


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