Laura Prepon, Actress…Orange is the New Black


Congratulations on The Stash Plan! I love this book.

Laura: Thank you! I am so excited to share it with everyone.

How did The Stash Plan come about?

Laura: Growing up I always wanted to focus on health and nutrition. I’ve struggled with my own health issues: inflammation, and digestion and, I wanted to share my story.

What changed for you?

Laura: Eating the right foods, bone broth was a game changer for me. I also learned about the energy in your body.  Once I started healing, I began changing and decided to write a book about it.

Why was bone broth a game changer?

Laura: Bone broth causes you to rebuild minerals, nutrients, collagens and cartilage in your body.  It gave me energy again.  I was hardly digesting food and drinking bone broth allowed my body to easily soak up nutrients. 

What advice would you give to someone who “ yo-yo” diets?

 Laura: The main thing is as long as it’s real… eat it. Avoid things that are genetically modified.

Name the 3 most important things about The Stash Plan.


  • Cook your own food
  • Eat bone broth
  • A stretch routine

Why is stretching so important to your diet?

Laura: I used to kick my ass in the gym doing weight training, spinning and kick boxing all in one day and I was struggling even more with my weight. One of the main things in the Stash Plan book is getting your liver and gallbladder functioning optimally so you can burn fat and assimilate nutrients. Basically the liver and gallbladder meridian come up to the front of the hip flexor into your butt which opens up the area so nutrients can flow better. Once I started stretching is when my body started changing.

Fill in this sentence for me: A ________ a day keeps the weight away.

Laura:  A cup of bone broth.   It’s my total go-to!

Name the one food you should say “no” to?

Laura: Anything genetically modified.

Would you describe yourself as healthy-ish, a health addict or healthy conscious?

Laura: I’m probably a health addict. I like to enjoy life. The book is about 80% healthy eating and the other 20% is do what you want.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Laura: I love dark chocolate, which isn’t bad.

Finish this sentence: If I could eat anything I wanted to and not gain any wait that would be…


What is your happy meal?

Laura: A grass fed burger with sweet potato home fries, a salad, and broth.

One thing always in your fridge.

Laura: Pre-cooked food. I always have a stash in my fridge.

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool?

Laura: My crockpot.

Give me a recipe.

Laura: I make broth and soups in the crockpot. Add bones and chicken and you have a meal for the next day. It’s awesome!

What’s your red carpet ready routine?

Laura: I sweat in an infrared sauna to detox. I get facials and scrubs and I don’t talk on the phone. 

What can we expect from the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black?

Laura: Well, I can’t give away too many spoiler alerts, but I can say the fans are going to love it.  It’s definitely one of our best seasons so far.

Tell me about The Girl on The Train.

Laura: It’s based off a best-selling book.  I play the roommate. It’s an incredible movie; I can’t wait for people to see it.

Where can people get The Stash Plan?

Laura: Everywhere.

Are you having fun?

Laura: I am having the best time!



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