Summer Salad Series

5- Minute Kale Salad with Citrus



2-3 large handfuls of kale or other leafy greens cut into thin ribbons
1 tablespoon lemon or lime zest (I usually use the whole fruit)
1 lime or lemon, juiced (or half of one if large)
drizzle of honey or agave
pinch of sea salt
fresh ground cracked pepper
Optional add-in’s: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, raisins and/or fresh berries


1. In a large salad bowl or on a dinner plate place kale ribbons.

2. Using a zester, zest the lime or lemon over the greens.

3. Next, cut the lemon or lime in half and squeeze the fresh juice over the kale.

4. Gently massage the kale with your hands to breakdown the leaves and remove some bitterness for about a minute. (Note: It will reduce down in size.)

5. Drizzle with honey or agave across the top.

6. To finish add a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper to taste, along with any other desired toppings.


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